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Welcome to Farms Without Harm!

Farms Without Harm is a network of groups, sustainable farmers and concerned citizens supporting safe, healthy farming in Michigan. This site offers an overview of industrial and sustainable agriculture with the goal of enhancing what's already being done to rebuild local, sustainable, healthy and humane fo systems and give you the tools to start a consumer revolution in Michigan...or wherever you are! 

For the whole story, check out this powerful book: 

Consumer Reports: America's Most Wanted Food Labels
What do "humanely raised", "natural", 
"organic" and other food labels mean?

 To Do List

1) If you eat or pay taxes, learn why the Farm Bill matters in this short video.

2) Find local sources of healthy, humane meat, dairy and eggs here. And to see how your brand of milk ranks, click here.

3) Find out what else you can do, click here.

4) Read about MI animal factory activist Lynn Henning in O Magazine and follow her on twitter: